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Highlife Theory - Part 1 - Gaia, Greek Goddess of Earth
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Highlife Theory - Part 4

The Connection
by Tony Bondhus

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In order for information to interact, to create or sustain life, there must be a connection. Not a physical connection, only a communication connection is needed.

This communication connection can be an electrochemical connection, as we have in our bodies, but it doesn't have to be. It can be something completely different.

A colony of bees has a communication connection. There is constant information interaction in a bee colony. The hive itself is kept at a constant temperature, just like our bodies. Bees do this by fanning air through the hive. They don't fan as an individual, but as a part of the whole colony, to maintain the hive's temperature.

When a bee finds pollen, it tells the rest of the colony, so the entire colony will act as a unit to collect the pollen. The entire bee colony will also act as a unit to protect itself. Killer bees are especially dangerous in this area, but all bees act as one unit, just not as viciously.

They act as one unit, because they are one unit. The entire colony is one living organism. The cells in this case, are individual bees. They are not physically connected, but are connected through communication.

Ever wonder why a bee would sting, when stinging will kill the bee? They are willing to sting and die to protect the colony, because they understand their place. They are part of a larger living organism. They are nothing without that larger living organism. Individually, a bee is nothing. It can't even reproduce by itself, even if it had a mate.

Lets examine a bee colony from a viewpoint of what others consider to be the criteria of life. As I said earlier, I don't consider these to be criteria, rather I consider these to be only specifications of machines, but out of respect, let's have a look at them.

Can a bee colony survive on it's own? Yes. Can it reproduce? Yes. Does it eat? Yes. Does it expel waste? Yes. Is it carbon based? Yes. The individual bees are not physically connected of course, but if it'll make you feel better, I'll ask them to hold hands. Anyway, they do physically connect when they swarm.

Face it, a bee colony is a living thing. If you look closer, you'll see that a company is also a living thing, as is a family, an association, and even an idea.

Highlife Theory is not only about the entire fabric of life on earth forming one gigantic super organism. Highlife Theory is about a whole new type of lifeforms. The gigantic super organism, which we often call Gaia is only one of many in this new type.

Other forms of life of this new type, are families, not just bee colonies, but all familes, even human families. Also companies, organizations, and even thoughts, ideas, and philosophies, to name just a few of the many.

I've thought of a name for lifeforms of this type. A name, which is already integrated into our language. I call them gods. The definition, since we need a definition at this point, shall be as follows. Any lifeform which is made up of us, is a god to us. The bee colony is a god to the bees. The whole is a god to its parts.

In order to show that Gaia is extremely intelligent, far more so than us humans, one needs to show a communication connection, capable of such intelligence. What could be better suited for such a task, than human verbal communication?

If you look in a dictionary, you'll see that many words have multiple meanings. Some words, like red and light have several pages of meanings. This creates an opening for communication to be carried out under the surface, where we aren't aware of it. Where our subconscious minds can communicate with each other.

We often speak of an idea, project, or story, taking on a life of its own. Could it be that we subconsciously already know that these things are living things?

Yes, our subconscious minds do already know this, and a whole lot more. This is just one example of Gaia knowing something which we don't know, unless our minds are open to it. There is in fact, a great wealth of knowledge, which we can tap into, simply by opening our minds to it. It's all there, just below the surface. Just a matter of reading between the lines, as they say.

Light means knowledge. To see, is to understand. To see the light, is to understand the knowledge. The sun, means the light of the world, or Jesus Christ. A star also gives light or knowledge, as does the moon. The moon is a woman, from the monthly cycle.

People have studied words which are spelled different but pronounced the same, and found out they are the same words. Therefore, sun=son.

We think of these words as having multiple meanings, but they actually have only one meaning. We humans, however, must accept it as multiple meanings, as we lack the intelligence needed to understand the one true meaning for each word.

In this area of multiple meanings of words, where people do not understand, is where you find a communication link which allows a super intelligent lifeform to exist.

By the way, I call this Human Instinctive Language.

I've noticed long ago, that a person can study the true meanings of words, and gain incredible knowledge. The words are far more intelligent than the people who use them.

We need not only communication link between people though, we need a communication link between all species. This is somewhat more difficult for us to grasp. The actual efficiency of the communication link does not need to be very strong. Even something like breaking a branch is an interaction. I believe however that there is a much stronger interaction than that.

Communication does not mean words. That is only one form of communication. An example of interspecies communication, would be a dog or cat coming up to someone and expressing a feeling, such as hunger or affection. Pet owners are quite familiar with the abilities of their pets to express their feelings and understand human feelings.

We humans, with our complex language, use our communication more for communicating our feelings than anything else. We may not be as good at it as animals, or perhaps our complex language makes it more difficult, but our main use is small talk, which we use for communicating our feelings.

Some say that plants can also react to feelings, whether or not this is true, we don't know. We do know however, that plants interact with each other, and with insects and animals through chemicals. This interaction is sometimes mutually beneficial, and sometimes destructive. A plant might help a neighbor plant or hurt it through chemistry.

We know that in nature, there are many lifeforms which are forever interlinked. For example, a clown fish is linked to a sea anemone. A lichen is formed from a fungus and an algae. Interspecies collaboration is actually more common that you can imagine. In fact, it is quite possible that there is not a species on earth which doesn't exibit some sort of cooperative, mutually beneficial behavior with another species.

I've always wondered how so many different mutually beneficial relationships have formed in nature. Random chance could explain many of these relationships, but some seem to show that there is at least some communication between different species.

One example is a small ocean fish that cleans harmful organisms off of larger fish. What's truly amazing about this fish, is that it will actually swim inside the mouth of the larger fish to clean out the inside of its mouth, and the larger fish doesn't swallow it or anything. The larger fish opens its mouth, as if it was told to, and holds its mouth open until the little fish finishes cleaning and swims out.

How does this collaboration get started? How did fish learn not to eat the cleaner fish?

Some would say that God made it happen. This is actually in fact true. We now know that God is a living thing, existing in the communication connection of the fabric of life. While God may or may not have intentionally taught fish to not eat the cleaner fish, the interspecies communication which caused this was in fact part of God's existence.

Remember, the communication link doesn't need to communicate large amounts of information. Our neurons don't communicate large amounts of information either. We make up for it by having 100 billion of them.

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