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Highlife Theory - Part 6

Amplified Intelligence
by Tony Bondhus

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Current human societies are about the same intelligence as the average individual person. Just like individual people, our societies are ruled by emotions, such as hatred, greed, and fear. We often go to war over nothing. Some societies act like bullies. These are all signs of low intelligence.

A highly intelligent society does not hate, and has no interest in war. It stands to reason that if we can create a highly intelligent society, we can end all wars, and put an end to the threat of nuclear war forever.

It was the ants which inspired this idea. See, the ants have such a society. Their society is extremely intelligent, compared to the individual ants. Their society is extremely intelligent compared to any other creature on earth, except for humans. They do agriculture, build bridges, utilize work animals, just as a few examples.

The ants have a system which amplifies intelligence, such that the whole group becomes as intelligent as the average individual multiplied times the number of individuals in the group. Human societies are only as intelligent as the average individual.

We can create this amplification of intelligence in a human society. Gaia for example, uses this amplification system, and uses it with human brains. We can unleash the power of God a our human society. I believe this is what Gaia had in mind 6,000 years ago. Soon, we will have real freedom, because freedom is the key to Gaia's power. We will unleash the power of freedom.

Naturally, most humans don't think this can be done with a human society. Recall that I mentioned earlier "One huge interconnected thinking process, from which the plans for almost all living things originated", see a society is a living thing, and Gaia plans all living things. Gaia plans living things. Who is more qualified to plan such a living thing, Gaia or Man? Who are we to doubt Gaia's judgement?

It's not just that human society is stupid, but also it trains us to be stupid as well. I'm sure you've heard of reward training. Often used on pets, where you reward your pet with some kind of treat every time your pet does what you tell them to do. This works on people to. Our society rewards selfishness, greed, distrust, deceit and pushiness. All these traits which we hate in sales people, are there because they help them sell. Even a person who is not working as a sales person, can get a better job and make more money, if that person has those traits or can learn them. Basic reward training at work.

On the surface, our society seems to be self adapting, but it's not. Our society very slowly, but continuously fluctuates, between states of feast and famine, and war and peace. The powerful, continuously grabbing more power, turning us all into slaves, until it eventually breaks down into war.

Let's get back to the concept of amplified intelligence, since I really haven't explained it yet.

Imagine a swarm of army ants approaching a small creek. There's a moment of confusion, ants scurrying about, wondering what to do. Suddenly, one ant gets the idea to build a bridge and positions itself to begin the construction. Instantly, other ants nearby see what this ant has done, and agreeing that it's a good idea, they join in. The idea spreads, more and more ants join it, enlarging and extending the bridge. Within a few minutes, the bridge was built, the entire swarm crossed over, and the bridge disassembled.

Let's take a moment to reflect on what just happened. Each bridge has millions of tiny variations. That landscape is different each time. There's variations in grip, strength of individual ants, wind, geographical strength, etc. Sometimes an ant looses it's grip, and distorts the whole bridge, what then? All these things require decisions to be made, and quickly, 'cause an ant can get tired!

Could you build a bridge, if I gave you a pile of ant bodies? Remember, it has to be built from one end, to the other, without temporary braces or supports. What if you were looking at this bridge through the eyes of an ant? Imagine what the view of this bridge under construction would look like to the individual ant. Where do you position yourself?

It's a mind boggling task!!! Let's face it, an ant doesn't have the intelligence to make the bridge, either by thinking or by instinct. There just isn't enough processing power there. Individually ants are quite stupid, but their society displays unbelievable intelligence.

It's like each ant is acting like a neuron in a large brain, one neuron firing, initiating an idea, build a bridge. Other neurons begin to fire, and like a chain reaction it spreads through out the entire brain. Individual neurons also lack the intelligence to create or even understand the whole idea. They understand only a minute portion.

As the ants approach the small stream, which ant gives the command to build the bridge? How is it determined which ants shall take part in the bridge building or where each ant should be? Is any single ant more qualified to make these decisions than any other?

Of course not. Human management systems often use the philosophy of one individual making all the decisions. Most companies are run this way. It is well known that this system doesn't work very well.

The person making the decisions has little or no knowledge of the specifics of the situation, and yet that person's decision overrides the person who does know the specifics. People resent being treated this way, like they are nothing more than machines. They resent this overall lack of respect for their intelligence. It is well known that allowing each individual to make their own decisions is far more efficient and promotes much better morale.

The system used in ant societies, and also by the neurons in our brains, amplifies intelligence. This makes us more intelligent than the individual neurons. Billions of times more intelligent. With out this amplification, we would never survive.

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