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Highlife Theory - Part 5

Communal Thinking
by Tony Bondhus

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Let me remind you of the old saying, what came first, the chicken or the egg. Kind of a puzzler isn't it. It wasn't either the chicken or the egg. It was an individual cell that came first. Like all life, we were originally single cell organisms. In other words, the original form of life was a single cell. In time that single cell lifeform, learned to form colonies to make life a little easier. A colony of cells is able to withstand much harsher environments than a single cell.

Consider the difference between one tree living on an island, and one tree living in the middle of a forest. Now, the tree in the forest obviously has a lot of competition to contend with, but tree on the island has hundred mile an hour winds. Which do you think would have a better chance of life. Usually when a tree does survive on an island by itself, it doesn't look very healthy.

Life is much easier for the tree in the forest. Wind is diffused by all the other trees in the forest. There's almost no chance of the wind knocking it down. The light is not too bright that it would evaporate too much of its water. The soil is so much more fertile, and a ready supply of beneficial micro organisms, both resulting from other trees that have lived and died.

In the same way, it is very difficult for a single cell to exist alone. The enemy is not high winds, but instead it is other factors like pH, temperature, salinity, light levels, etc. It is especially difficult where there are fluctuations in any factor of its environment. A single cell has little defense against its environment. The only chance is to adapt to some of the environments where it is possible to adapt.

For this reason, single cell organisms have learned long ago that it is easier to live in a colony. They started by forming simple colonies, just blobs of cells. Like those clear blobs you see on rocks in the water. Then they started getting more and more complex. Individual cells started performing specific tasks. The ideas and philosophies of communal living were established.

Why does a flower produce pollen? Why does a fruit tree produce fruit? Surely you don't think the tree is thinking as an individual, and that individually speaking it is necessary for the tree to produce fruit, do you? For reproduction, the tree only needs to produce seeds. The fruit is a result of a whole different way of thinking, that is communal thinking. Pollen is also a result of communal thinking.

The fruit tree considers bees and people as part of its community, as if we are all part of one body.

Recall that I was talking earlier about thoughts or ideas being living things. Recall that I described earlier, one huge interconnected thinking process, from which the plans for almost all living things originated. See, God is an idea. This idea, which I just described, communal living, team work, what ever you want to call it, this interconnecting of living things, is God.

One huge interconnected thinking process, from which the plans for almost all living things originated. I like that sentence! You see, a long time ago, when life had just begun, and the only living things on Earth were single cell organisms... If you can remember back that far... One of the very first ideas was that life can survive much better if it works together. This community spirit, unity, oneness, family bond, or whatever you want to call it, it was one of the very first ideas in existence. The idea grew and developed into the most intelligent of all gods, even able to predict and plan a few thousand years into the future simply by thinking. This god is even able to control individual humans to a fair degree, which is if you think about it, is equivalent to us humans being able to control individual cells in our bodies.

No longer is a cell alone in the world. Every living thing suddenly became part of a larger community. Selfish attitudes were dropped in favor of the more successful communal thinking.

Multicellular lifeforms sprung up by the billions. Environments that were previously uninhabitable soon became habitable. Dry land, previously uninhabitable, soon became covered with life.

All life in the entire world acting as part of one vast community. Plants, animals, fungi, insects, and single cell organisms are all acting in unity for the greater good.

Each individual living, reproducing, and then dying, performing beneficial, often vital tasks all their lives. Even in death, the individual benefits the community, becoming food for others, and enriching the soil, and enhancing its moisture holding capability. Each life performs a necessary function for the larger community, just like the cells of our body.

I use Gaia and God interchangeably, as I believe they are one and the same. To me the name Gaia (after Greek Goddess of Earth) seems more descriptive and reduces the confusion between the one God and the other gods. There are many other gods. If I say Gaia, you know that I am talking about the one God, and not gods in general.

I mentioned that Gaia is self aware and more far intelligent than people. It stands to reason then, that Gaia is able to plan for the future. I also mentioned that Gaia can plan a few thousand years into the future.

I'm not heavily into quoting scriptures, but seeing how this is a theory showing the existence of God and other gods, it's obviously relevant in this case. This is an example of Gaia planing the future.

In 2 Peter 3:8 it says "But beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day." In Hosea 6:2 it says "After two days will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight." "After two days" means after 2,000 years, which puts us right about now. Sight is understanding. We say "I see" meaning, I understand. So, this saying "we shall live in his sight" to me implies that we'll actually understand what God is, and coincidentally, you are now reading Highlife Theory, which explains just that.

The first page of the Bible has the 7 day creation thing. A lot of people believe that this is actually a plan to create a perfect world. Most Biblical authorities agree that that this started about 6,000 years ago, which means 6 days ago. It'd therefore make sense, that this is in fact a plan for the future, rather than a story about the past. It says that God finished His work on the 6th day, and on the 7th day God rested. This is right about now, so what is this work that God has finished? Coincidentally, we now we have the Ant Power plan, which could very well save the world and create a sort of paradise. So I think, just maybe this is what the whole plan was, all along. So, if you help me out here, maybe we can put this plan into action, so God can get that much needed rest that He's been waiting 6,000 years for.

God or Gaia knows that access to this new information opens up a whole new field of study for us. That is the study of gods or group psychology. The study of the behavior of a group. This is extremely important, as it allows us to understand and therefore fix all the problems with our society, before we destroy ourselves in nuclear war.

Gaia knew that once this information was in my head, my mind would continue to process it until it reached the logical unavoidable result. Gaia knew what that result would be.

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