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Highlife Theory - Part 1 - Gaia, Greek Goddess of Earth

Highlife Theory - Part 2

A New Look at Evolution
by Tony Bondhus

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Another inspiration for Highlife Theory, and great innovation in the world of science, came from a man, who even today is by many people looked upon as a fool and an ungodly man. He is Charles Darwin. We all know his famous Theory of Evolution and the saying "survival of the fittest".

Some people seem to think that evolution is contrary to the idea that God created all living things. Evolution does not contradict this, as I will explain.

We think of the evolution process as an accidental process of mutation. After mutation, the rejects are then sorted out by survival of the fittest. This idea, however, took a new twist in my mind.

It was in my mid teens, when I was learning about computers and computer programming, that the idea of evolution evolved further in my mind. I was contemplating the idea of artificial intelligence, when it happened.

"What if this process of mutation was not accidental. What if sexual reproduction was actually a thinking process." I thought. We all know that reproduction involves the merging of two sets of DNA. We also know that DNA is basically a vast storage of information.

Though the process of thinking is not entirely understood, one thing is clear. Thinking involves taking two or more ideas and somehow merging them into another idea. The process is a form of reproduction.

Like a computer, our brains take input from our senses, process it, and then output with our muscles. Without input, our brains would have nothing to process and therefore would not be able to think. With no ability to process the information, we wouldn't be able to think. With no ability to output information, it wouldn't do us any good to be able to think. Processing then, is the name we give to the actual merging of the two or more ideas or pieces of data.

The process of reproduction involves a similar merging of two ideas. It involves the same three stages: input, processing and output. Input in this case comes from two sources, the male and the female. Each is providing a vast amount of information in the form of DNA. The processing is in the merging of the DNA from the sperm cell with the DNA from the egg. The new life created is the output. The result or output in this case is a new life. Notice that it is said to be "conceived", just as an idea is "conceived" in our heads when we invent some new toy.

Perhaps you have noticed the comparison or merging of the idea of thinking with the idea of human reproduction. The output or result in this case is the idea that reproduction is a thinking process. By merging those two ideas I've come up with a new idea, an enhancement on Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution. I have given this idea, which I came up with more than 20 years ago, a name. I have named the idea "Theory of Reproductive Thought".

With the creation of the Theory of Reproductive Thought, suddenly most of the life on the planet becomes the result of a thinking process. One huge interconnected thinking process, from which the plans for almost all living things originated. Sound familiar? Sound like anything you know of? Maybe you want to read that again, one huge interconnected thinking process, from which the plans for almost all living things originated. Doesn't a thinking process seem to indicate a living thing? More on that later.

Darwin coined the phrase "survival of the fittest", to demonstrate how accidental mutations over time result in better adaptations. We now have an enhancement on that idea known as Reproductive Thought. No longer is evolution a result of accidental mutation, evolution now becomes a result of a thinking process. Just like any other thinking processes, many thoughts lead to dead ends. The better thoughts survive and evolve further and the rest are discarded, often forgotten.

We now know that thoughts evolve, as life does. We know that thoughts reproduce, as life does. Both of these things are similarities between thoughts and living things. Could a thought be a living thing?

One additional note, after I wrote this, scientists discovered evidence that shows that many life processes could not have evolved according to Darwin's evolution, but they could still easily have evolved according to my Theory of Reproductive Thought. So in essence, Intelligent Design shows evidence that both my Theory of Reproductive Thought as well as my Highlife Theory are correct.

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