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Here's some very short, but very powerful videos

Where World Peace is in the Bible - 20 minutes. God's plan is on schedule.

Why Nukes - 7 min. Our leaders worship force and nuclear weapons, rather than God.

Why Jesus Died - 8 min.

Believe in Jesus - 5 min. What it really means to believe in Jesus' name.


The wheels are already in motion. Around the world, people and communities are connecting to form a new super society. One like nothing you can imagine.

We now have a plan for a better future. A future with more freedom than ever before. A future with much faster technology growth. A society which will in the very near future bring an end to poverty and prevent our destruction in nuclear war or global warming.

A society based on the idea that billions of minds produce more ideas than one mind. A society which enhances collaboration and sharing of ideas. No more will good ideas be hidden away for fear of theft. Inventors and others will collaborate for the good of all. Where no mind goes to waste.

Ever wonder why when we elect leaders we always seem to end up with about the worst possible candidate possible? It is not a conspiracy. It is how the system works. In this book you'll learn why, and what can be done to fix the problem.

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In order to truly believe World Peace is possible, you must truly believe that God exists and God will help us. It is not enough to say you believe, or even think you believe, you must truly believe.

Real faith can only be gotten from understanding. World Peace is not an easy task. It is going to require a change in the people, and a change in you.

This book will show you some of the proof of God's existence, mostly in the form of predictions of future events and how it all ties together with current events. This will help you develop that faith.

In the past you were taught to fear God, but fear can not bring you love of God or faith. Fear can not save mankind. Only love can save mankind.

The DVD of the first chapter will be available shortly.

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